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$5 000.00

Submerged Ash Conveyor Belting Manufacturers

14 March 2018

Price $5 000.00
"Universaldelhi is a reputed manufacturers of quality conveyor belting for ash transportation used in paper mills boiler house operating in quenching trough and engaged in export and suppliers or conveyor belting manufacturers to ash handling conveyors manufacturers as well as paper mill machinery manufacturers located in Chennai Tamil Nadu, Pune Nagpur Maharashtra, Talcher Odisha, Nainital Uttarakhand and Kolkata West Bengal

Belt Widths

From 150 to 1600 mm as per IS:1891 & ISO 4195 in open or endless length

Ply Construction
Universal conveyor belts are manufactured in monopoly and in multiples ranging upto m12 piles in difference (widely used & popular), stepped ply construction, and breaker ply construction ( for protection against longitudinal impact breaks). Pilies may be skim coated where services conditions are severe.

Edge construction

Universal All cotton conveyor belting is supplied in moulded edges to protect against edge wearing and prevent ingress of moisture. While NN of EP conveyor belting can be supplied both in cut edges as well as in moulded edges.